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Le spettacolari interviste di Bogdanovich con Orson Welles


Recordings of almost 4 hours of a series of interviews conducted by director/author Peter Bogdanovich with Welles between the years 1969 and 1972.

Il libro anche. Non esiste più purtroppo la versione italiana. Gentilissimi Baldini e Castoldi, quando volete, credo molti sarebbero contenti di riaverlo…. digitale magari, perché no.


Peter Bogdanovich: How about Rogopag?


Orson Welles: Can’t believe that. I was never in a picture with a name like that.


Bogdanovich: In one episode directed by Pasolini. You played a movie director.


Welles: Oh, yes… Censored, in Italy at least, after one single screening in Venice.


Bogdanovich: I didn’t think it was very good. Continua a leggere/Continue reading

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